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A warm welcome to the Selling Cruising Training Programme designed to help you sell cruise products more effectively and profitably. Fully supported by the Association of Cruise Experts (ACE), this new training programme offers the perfect gateway to increased cruise sales.

And the fact is that few travel industry sectors can benefit more from training than cruising. It has grown hugely in the past few years with the overwhelming majority of bookings still through travel agents, but there are still far too many of them missing the boat on this lucrative sector.


But help is at hand, with the Selling Cruising Training Programme written to introduce the ‘basics’ to those agents whose cruise sales are small or even non-existent.


No matter how fundamental the fact – the design of a ship, the star rating system, types of cabin or what advice to give first-time cruisers – the Selling Cruising Training Programme will help.


Complete the online training programme and watch those cruise sales take off.